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Hammocks: We Love Them!

At Hammock Heaven we love hammocks and hanging chairs! Why Because there is nothing more relaxed in the world than a hammock.

The freedom that you feel when you doze in a hammock is phenomenal, and we at Hammock Heaven are in a good position to know, because we have all hammocks and hanging chairs in stock so we can regularly 'test' a hammock.

Bring sun, palm trees, freedom and laziness into your garden by hanging a hanging chair or a hammock.

Hammock Heaven has all types of hammocks

The hammock is a sublime invention of the Taíno Indians, who lived in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The Indians used the hammock not to laze in, but to sleep in. In those times the hammock was called "hangmak", which again descended from "hamaca". Over time it has become the "hammock"as we know it today.

The hammock therefore comes from people from the Caribbean. Columbus (you know, the explorer who discovered America) probably brought the hammock to Europe, where the hammock was westernised.

For example, upon arrival in Europe, spreader bars were added to the hammock, which keep the hammock folded open. This creates a kind of bed. Nowadays, a large part of the European population regularly chill out in a hammock. Just as the inhabitants around the Mediterranean still do, incidentally.

There are currently many different types of hammocks that we have all included in our range. Below you will find an overview of the hammocks now.

Types of hammocks:

Traditional hammock

The traditional hammock, in appearance and manner of use,  is still the way the Taíno Indians have thought of it. By the way, did you know that you lie a bit askew in the traditional hammock? Real "hangers" have a preference for this kind of hammock.

Spreader hammock

The spreader hammock is kept open on both sides by spreader bars. This makes the hammock look like a bed and will not fold around you like a cocoon as the traditional hammock does.

Single hammock

The single-person hammock is most suitable for relaxing on your own. Not that you can't share it, but sometimes a bit of time for yourself won't hurt either.

Double hammock

You can share the two-person hammock with your loved one, for example, but it is also ideal for hanging in on your own. Both the one- and two-person hammocks are available with or without spreader bars.

Family hammock

Nowadays, hammocks are available in such large sizes that you can enter with the whole family. One thing must be said; it provides for super fun moments.

Baby hammock

The baby hammock is a perfect invention for the little one. First of all, it stimulates your baby's sleep. In addition, thanks to the baby hammock, you can always keep your baby close by while you have your hands free. The baby hammock can also be hung in the cot.

Children's hammock

If you give your child a children's hammock, you can be sure that you are giving your child a great gift. A children's hammock will give your child a good and safe feeling and they will remember it forever because of the many beautiful moments that children experience the children's hammock.

Travel and Camping hammock

The travel hammock has been developed for those of us who like travelling. A travel hammock makes it possible to always take a comfortable bed with you that you can hang up easily and quickly and that weighs virtually nothing. You can always leave the travel hammock somewhere in your luggage and you can always lie like a king.

Hanging chair

After the arrival of the hammock to Europe, it has changed and improved in many ways. In this way, the hanging chair has been created over time. The hanging chair provides the relaxation of the hammock and is a slightly more active than a chair. This transforms the hanging chair into a much sought-after product that you will find in many gardens and also in living rooms. The hanging chair is mounted at one point to, for example, a tree branch or a beam in the living room.

Hammock or hanging chair?

Making a choice between a hammock and a hanging chair is a personal one. If you are really for lazing and relaxing, then the hammock is probably something for you. However, the hanging chair makes it possible for you to relax and have a drink at the same time. In addition, a hanging chair requires fewer mounting points and takes up less space than a hammock.

No mounting options?

Not everyone is in the luxurious position of two trees in the garden where you can hang your hammock. The stand has been developed to make hanging in a hammock or chair even easier and more relaxed. These stands make it possible for you to set up your hanging chair or hammock for use quickly and safely.

We offer stands in lots of different versions.

In addition to the stands, we have much more mounting options in our collection.

We hope that you can make a choice from our range and can quickly order a   product from Hammock Heaven, so you can quickly enjoy the most relaxing product in the world. We are grateful to the Taíno Indians for eternity for the hammock…

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