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Minorca Single Single Hammock with Stand

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Egg Brown Hanging Chair with Stand

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Egg Taupe Hanging Chair with Stand

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Egg Grey Hanging Chair with Stand

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Egg Anthracite Hanging Chair with Stand

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Egg Black Hanging Chair with Stand

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Egg Brown Single Hanging Chair

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Egg Grey Single Hanging Chair

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Egg Black Single Hanging Chair

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Arc & Vegas Green XXL Hammock with Stand

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Hammocks: We Love Them!

At Hammock Heaven, we love hammocks and hanging chairs! Why? Because there is nothing in the world more relaxing than a hammock.

Bring sun, freedom and leisure into your garden by hanging a hammock or hanging chair.

The freedom you feel when dozing in a hammock is phenomenal! We at Hammock Heaven should know, because we have all hammocks and hanging chairs in stock, so we can regularly 'test' a hammock.

Types of hammocks

There are many different types of hammocks available. There is the Brazilian hammock, the Colombian hammock, the Mexican hammock and the American hammock.

Brazilian hammock

With a Brazilian hammock, the cloth is fully woven. The Brazilian hammock is found throughout South America and has small regional differences (see the Colombian hammock). The Brazilian hammock is also called the classic hammock or traditional hammock.

This traditional hammock, in appearance and manner of use, is still as the Taíno Indians conceived it.

By the way, did you know that in the traditional hammock you have to lie somewhat crooked?

Colombian hammock

The Colombian hammock differs from the Brazilian hammock in that the suspension cord has an "Open-Loop". The eye from which you hang the hammock is not tied. The cloth is also interwoven and the suspension cords are attached to it. This allows the cloth to unfold better and ensures better weight distribution. This ensures that the hammock is extra strong and gives the Colombian hammock its unique appearance.

The real hammock fanatics have a preference for this hammock. We at Hammock Heaven therefore recommend the Colombian hammocks if you are looking for a really good quality hammock.

Spreader hammock

The spreader hammock is kept open on both sides by spreader poles. This makes the hammock look like a bed and will not cocoon around you as the traditional hammock does. Spreader pole hammocks are therefore ideal for sunbathing.

American hammock

Then there is also the American hammock. These are large quilted hammocks with a spreader pole. The American hammock has two layers of fabric with padding in between. The American hammocks come with a matching pillow at Hammock Heaven}. An American hammock is therefore extra soft and super comfortable!

Mexican hammock

The Mexican hammock is also called the net hammock. The hammock is woven like a fine fishing net (without knots) and has its origins in the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. The hundreds of thin but strong cords make the Mexican hammock a popular hammock during a heatwave. Every little gasp of wind can flow through the hammock.

Weaving a Mexican hammock can take days. A traditional weaver spends no less than two days with a two-person Mexican hammock from Tropilex Weaving the XXL Mexican hammocks may even take three to four days.

Baby hammock

The baby hammock is a perfect invention for the little one. First of all, it stimulates your baby's sleep. In addition, thanks to the baby hammock, you can always keep your baby close by while you have your hands free. The baby hammock can also be hung in the playpen.

Children's hammock

If you give your child a children's hammock, you can be sure that you are giving your child a great gift. A children's hammock will give your child a sense of security and well-being and will be remembered forever for the many wonderful moments they spend using the children's hammock.

Travel hammock

The travel hammock has been developed for those of us who like travelling. A travel hammock makes it possible to always take a comfortable bed with you that you can hang up easily and quickly and that weighs virtually nothing. The travel hammock can always be stored somewhere in your luggage and you will always rest like a king.

The right size for your hammock

One important rule applies to hammocks: the larger the hammock, the more comfortable the hammock is. In South America, you mainly see the largest double and family hammocks. A larger hammock allows you to lie in more ways than in a smaller hammock. You can also move around a little easier in a larger hammock.

However, a smaller single hammock can be a great solution if you do not have the opportunity to hang such a large hammock.

Don't forget to order a matching pillow with the hammock. This makes lying in the hammock extra comfortable! We even have matching blankets for the cooler summer days.

Single hammock - 120 KG

The single-person hammock is most suitable for relaxing on your own. Not that you can't share it, but sometimes a bit of time to yourself won't hurt either.

Double hammock - 180 KG

You can share the double hammock with your loved one, for example, but it is also ideal for hanging in on your own. Both the one- and two-person hammocks are available with or without spreader poles.

XXL hammock - 200 KG

The family hammocks are so big that you can use them with the whole family. That, of course, makes for super fun moments. But a family hammock is also super comfortable on your own!

Hanging a hammock

To hang a hammock, you need two sturdy suspension points. Such as a tree, beam, wall or hammock stand.

There is no ideal distance and height for your hammock. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be very precise. Nevertheless, we are happy to give you some rules of thumb and useful tips.

Are you going to drill into the wall or post? Then we recommend that you first position the stretched out hammock with two people at the place where you want to hang the hammock. If necessary, use a rope or chain to make the hammock longer.

Tip: You can always make a hammock longer by using a chain or rope. Unfortunately, moving the wall or post is not that easy.

Hanging a hammock: Between two trees

When attaching to a tree, screwing into the tree is highly inadvisable. It's not good for the tree and there's a chance that rot may cause the attachment to come loose while you're lying in the hammock. Always use a sturdy rope or strap that you fasten around the trunk or branch of the tree. You can then easily adjust the height.

We at Hammock Heaven} recommend the Simple hammock mounting kit. Two large snap hooks are included with the ropes, making it easy to snap the hammock in and out of the suspension.

Hanging a hammock: Between two posts

If you are going to hang the hammock between two posts, you often have to use screws. It is wise to always pre-drill the holes with a smaller drill. This prevents the wood from splitting.

We recommend the Complete hammock mounting kit. You will then receive everything you need to hang the hammock safely: screws, plugs, ropes and snap hooks.

Hanging a hammock: Between two walls

When using stone or concrete walls, screws should always be used. Hammock Heaven has various mounting kits in the range to hang your hammock.

We recommend the Complete hammock mounting kit or the Wall-Hook hammock mounting kit. When securing it to a stone or concrete wall, you also use the supplied plugs.

Hanging a hammock: Stretch your hammock!

A new hammock can stretch up to 10%. So before you start drilling holes or planting poles, you must first stretch the hammock. Hang your hammock in an easy place and chill in it for five minutes, after which your hammock is sufficiently stretched.

Hanging a hammock: Classic hammock

You can hang a classic hammock in a crescent moon. The hammock should not be hung too tight, as this prevents the cloth from unfolding. A common mistake is that people lie straight in the hammock. This is not the intention and it is not pleasant. You should lie at an angle in a classic hammock in order to keep the cloth open with your body.

Below is a diagram that gives a good idea of how best to hang a classic hammock. The greater the distance, the higher the attachment points will be.

Hanging a classic hammock - Scheme

Hanging a hammock: Spreader hammock

A hammock with a spreader pole can be hung much tighter than a classic hammock. However, it is wise not to hang the hammock completely taut. A spreader pole hammock then becomes unstable and you fall out more easily.

Hanging a spreaderbar hammock - Scheme

Washing your hammock? Hammock maintenance

A small stain in your hammock? Scrub it out with a little soap and rinse with water. A bigger stain? It is best to hand wash the hammock to get it clean again.

You can wash (almost) all traditional hammocks and hanging chairs at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Do put your hammock in a laundry bag and tie the cords together with a piece of string!

Note: Hammocks may lose their colours and fade during washing. Therefore, never wash your hammock with other items of clothing.

Hanging chair / Hammock chair

After the arrival of the hammock to Europe, it has changed and improved in many ways. This is how, over time, the hammock chair came into being. The hanging chair has the relaxation of a hammock and the somewhat more active character of a chair. This makes the hanging chair a very popular product that can be found in many gardens and living rooms. The hanging chair is mounted at one point to, for example, a tree branch or a beam in the living room.

Hanging chair or a hammock?

Choosing between a hammock and a hanging chair is a personal choice. If you are really into lounging and relaxing, the hammock is probably for you. However, the hanging chair makes it possible for you to relax and have a drink at the same time. A hanging chair is also more convenient and more comfortable than a hammock for reading. In addition, a hanging chair only needs one attachment point. The hanging chair also takes up less space than a hammock.

No mounting options?

Not everyone has the luxury of two trees in the garden where you can hang your hammock. To make hanging in a hammock or hanging chair even easier and more relaxing, the hammock stand was developed. These stands allow you to set up your hammock or hanging chair quickly and safely.

We offer stands in lots of different versions.

In addition to the stands, we have many other mounting options in our range.

Hopefully, you can now make a good choice from our range and we can send your hammock quickly so that soon you can enjoy the most relaxed product in the world.

History of the hammock

Finally, a small history lesson about the hammock so that from now on you will really know everything about hammocks!

The hammock is a sublime invention of the Taíno Indians, who lived in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The Indians used the hammock not to laze in, but to sleep in. At the time, the hammock was called "hangmak", which again descended from "hamaca". Over time it has become the "hammock" as we know it today.

So the hammock has its origin in the Caribbean. Columbus (you know, the explorer who discovered America) probably brought the hammock to Europe. In Europe, hammocks were mainly used on sailing ships at first. This was much more comfortable than a normal bed. The swell of the sea is absorbed, which ensures a better night's sleep. You can also easily store the hammock during the day so that you can use the space for other activities.