12 ways and reasons to use your hammock

12 ways and reasons to use your hammock

Did you know how versatile hammocks really are? There are so many uses apart from just lazying in them. I’ll share some of our best tips!

1. Relax and de-stress

Of course, the hammocks are great for breaks and lazy summer days. Besides that, it can be used as a safe haven to wind down in stressful situations. Sometimes when life is challenging it's actually best to stop struggling and take a deep breath, relax in a hammock and then plan ahead.

2. A hammock can be a place where great ideas are born!

Be creative. Alone or better – invite your partner and a friend to your hammock. Get some good music, some snacks, beers, and whatever that helps you enjoy your time in the hammock and chat endlessly into the late hours. Some of our best ideas started in a hammock :).

3. Kids heaven!

Hang up a hammock for the kids and relax in another hammock while your kids swing in that one.

4. Great for pregnancy

Are you soon going to give birth? A hammock is a great place to rest in when you are pregnant and tired and then when those contractions start that aren’t strong enough so that you have to go to hospital but too painful for you to do anything else. Listen to meditation music and swing in your hammock and sense the pain lessen. (I used hammocks for two pregnancies)

5. Use when you breastfeed

A hammock and hanging chair has been indispensable when I was breastfeeding my children when they were really small. The hammock/hanging chair is easy to arrange with pillows so that you can keep your hands free and go on your smartphone, read a book, or do whatever you feel like doing while the baby sucks away,

6. Sleep

Hammocks are great places to sleep in. You might find that a hammock might be more comfortable than your bed!

7. Extra place for people to hang out in

If you are having a lot of people over and don’t have enough sitting area hammocks and hanging chairs are great as you can hang them up on hooks and ropes and take them off when you don’t use them, and they are very affordable as well.

8. Use as baby crib

Hang the hammock or hanging chair low and use it as a crib for your baby (and put a large pillow underneath just in case) The swinging will settle your baby for longer.

9. A Hammock-Party! 

Have a party in a hammock! In our 'Big Fat' Grey XXL Hammock, you can be as many people as you like almost. This hammock can take an incredible amount of weight – the problem is, will you find a rope or tree that is strong enough? So maybe it's better with up to 6 people at a time in the hammock!

10. For ADHD-therapy

Have you got kids with ADHD? Hammocks are used in therapy since long time as they have a calming effect.

11. Work from a hammock! 

As we travel now we don’t always have a place to hang the hammock from, but whenever we do, we use it for work when we don’t use it for play or relaxation. As long as the battery lasts and when the sun isn’t too bright.

12. Excellent for traveling

Use a hammock as a temporary place to rest in when you travel! When we traveled in Thailand last year our night train was delayed several hours. There was nowhere to sit down but there were two posts. Our kids could sleep in the hammock while we waited!

You can find our extensive range of hammocks and hanging chairs on www.hammockheaven.com – we deliver next day in the UK and within a couple of days to the rest of the world!

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