12 years of hammocks – for freedom, the good stuff and enjoyment

12 years of hammocks – for freedom, the good stuff and enjoyment


I have always liked the hammock culture. The journey began 12 years ago when we didn’t only just liked them but also started living on them. We started by selling a different hammock brand that already existed.


Enjoying a hammock


As the years went by, it became clearer and clearer that it was time to start our own brand with our own philosophy behind it. Therefore, we created the hammock brand “Tropilex” which you can buy on Hammockheaven or through our resellers. We think everyone should relax more means getting a mini-holiday for free! We prefer to produce as sustainably and honestly as possible.

Double Hammock 

We have learned over the years through experience especially from travel. We learned that the foreign aid system is nothing but bullshit. It solves no problem to drive around in fancy Toyota Land Cruisers, organize fine dining events, and live in palaces surrounded by barbed wire. This is what much of the aid money goes to, unfortunately, which we have seen in our travels. If you want to help for real – then neither taxes nor aid from large relief organizations is an alternative.

The alternative is to give people jobs! Giving them the tools and knowledge to fend for themselves – not to become dependent on state powers and grants.

So when we have been looking at the productions we have had the requirement that it should be a place where people like going to their jobs  – that the factory is managed in a “fair” way. It is a necessity not only for consistency but also to ensure the quality of the products. Here you can see my interview with Marta who is the supervisor of hammock factory in Colombia.


Marta – Hammock Production Manager

Another important aspect is that – whenever possible – find creative ways to reduce environmental impact. Preferably by using something that already exists – like recycled cotton. The cotton in this case comes from garments in the US which then is made into yarn in Mexico and sent to the factory in Colombia. This is not only using something that already exists – but this also means that we don't need to use the land to grow cotton. Huge quantities of water are used for producing cotton – which means that recycled cotton is a much more environmentally friendly option than the organically produced one.



 Recycled cotton hammock


I’ve never enjoyed working in a large organization being hired by someone else. I prefer my own race even if we are not allowed to operate the business how we actually would want to. But we get a lot more freedom. Our business model looks a little different because it is based on being “mobile” to suit our nomadic life.

Those who get jobs from us are also self-employed. So no one owns anyone. We do what we can to make things float so most people who work with us have done it for quite some time. I guess that they enjoy it. Which is a part of our philosophy of course.

The cornerstone of the business is that we should sell high-quality products that people want, which are extra colorful and with beautiful thought-through details. Therefore we actually spend quite a lot of time working on the design. It is one of my favorite pieces of the business. When we were in Colombia last year I made new a new design for a hammock that was fairly easy to produce but had fine handcrafted details. There it was – the Tropilex-hammock.


Because our livelihood is hammocks we must make sure it's smooth selling them. It should be easy for our resellers. Therefore we offer dropshipping and an affiliate program so that anyone could make money on our hammocks without having to buy stock from us.

We also think that anyone should be able to find a hammock that suits that person, so we offer an extensive range of all kinds of hammocks to be sure to appeal to all tastes and requirements and also that you should be able to find hammock related products such as hanging chairs, stands, and hammock ropes, etc. Therefore, there are 100’s of products in stock, which is sent out from our Cambridgeshire warehouse for quick next day delivery which you can see on www.hammockheaven.com

I hope you find that hammocks are wonderful necessities. If you like them and want to help us to continue to live a little more free and peaceful nomadic life on them, you are welcome to shop at www.hammockheaven.com or tell people that we exist. Recommendations are everything for us!

I have written an article about 12 ways of using hammocks – they are so much more than just a colorful piece of cloth to hang between two trees in the summer. In countries where hammocks are traditionally used they are placed in the homes. Once you discover how comfortable and flexible they are – there is no turning back!

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