4 Festival Essentials for 2022

4 Festival Essentials for 2022

One of the many things the UK, Sweden, Czechia, Germany, and many other places do well is putting on a great festival.

Each summer swarms of revelers head towards a festival or multiple in aid of an escape from reality and a chance to enjoy fantastic music, time with friends, and the ultimate downtime.

Whether you’re visiting a huge festival such a Leeds, Glastonbury or Download or a smaller one they all have something in common and that’s the camping. With it being a festival, the first thing we’d recommend not taking anything valuable as it may get lost or stolen. Bring back the Nokia brick and grab your wellies as here are our top 4 must-haves for any festival.

Your own food:

We would advise taking a lot of tinned food like beans and maybe a pot noodle or two, as the food can be expensive. We’d advise taking as much low-weight food as possible as it can get heavy. Snacks such as crisps, cereal bars, and fruit are ideal.

Your own hammock:

Not all hammocks need to be hung up, we have a great range of hammocks which are ideal for festivals as you can pitch them up wherever you go, not only does it save you sleeping on the hard ground it can help with things such as not getting cold and should give you a decent night’s sleep. There is not much worse than trying to enjoy yourself when you’re tired.

Sun cream

Although it may not seem important within the list of essentials such as food and clothes, sun cream is super important at festivals. Whether it’s hot or not, spending hours in the sun can be damaging for your skin and can give you bad sunburn. Carry it around in an easy-to-apply travel size bottle and fill it up each day before you head out and it saves you from needing to carry around a full bottle of sun cream.

A first aid kit

Is it really a festival if someone doesn’t injure themselves in some way or another? From cuts and blisters to bites. Buying or putting together a small first aid kit can be crucial in your time of need. Plus, your friends will probably thank you for it later when they need something from it. You can buy one of these online or pretty much every shop on the High Street. 

We hope you’ve found our tips on what to take to a festival helpful and if you’re going to a festival this year we hope you have a great time.

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