A Case For Family Hammocks

A Case For Family Hammocks

If you liked our last article about the advantages of double hammocks over single hammocks, you will enjoy this.

Why Buy A Family Hammock?

We define a family hammock as a traditional style hammock with a fabric width of at least 175cm, or a hammock with spreader bars with a fabric width of at least 155cm.

We use this definition because it means there is room for three people. To be specific, three people can lay on a family hammock without touching each other. That sounds a bit unfriendly, doesn’t it?

The maximum size of a family hammock is unlimited according to our definition. That is why the Supernova hammock, which is probably the biggest hammock in the world, is in this category. Maybe it should have a category of its own? something like party hammocks? Tell us what you think.

Three Reasons

First, here are three reasons to buy any hammock from us. Especially hammocks of our own Tropilex brand.

  1. Great quality – thicker and stronger means it will last as long as you need it.
  2. Gorgeous designs – very nice colors and cadejos which means it looks better than other hammocks
  3. Free overnight delivery in the UK – so that the price you see is the price you pay and you can expect to receive your hammock tomorrow.

6 Reasons To Buy A Family Hammock

Reasons to buy a family hammock.

The first question to answer is compared to what? In this case, I will argue why you should buy a family hammock when compared to a double or single hammock.

  1. More people is more fun
    It is fun to have 3 or more people in a hammock. It is a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors. Gently swaying between two trees, chatting and laughing.
  2. You can have your own space
    With 175cm at least of width, even with 3 adults in a hammock, you can have your own space. You can lay in the hammock top to tail so that you each get your own section with a soft ridge in between. I love how hammocks arrange themselves to fit the people.
    This advantage is magnified if you get the Supernova hammock, or if you have just 2 adults in a family hammock or a bunch of children. Although hang the hammock nice and low to the soft grassy ground if a load of kids is going to be playing in it.
  3. You can lay any way you want.
    Even in our Raya Hammock which is 175cm or (5ft 9inches), you can lay perpendicular to the hammock. This is 97% of women in the UK or 99.97% of Nepalese women. We do business with Nepal (mypashmina.co.uk), so I was curious. Half of the men in the UK are under 5ft 9. Our Mammoth hammock is 210cm wide, so only 1 in 685 men will be too tall to lay widthwise.
  4. It means that if you lay at any angle you will be able to find quite a flat laying surface if that is what you prefer. It all comes down to flexibility. Surely more comfortable positions are better than less.
  5. You can close the hammock around you.
    I was toying with the idea of adding straps and holes to the sides of the mammoth hammocks, so you can join them together at the top and make a little tent. Or how about installing some little LED lights. It sounds very cozy to me. My boys love to make the big hammocks into dens. The bigger the hammock, the better this idea will work. As the hammock is made from strong cotton (recycled by the way), you can add what you like to its design. Please tell us your ideas.
  6. More space with less weight
    You could take 5 hammocks on a picnic, but you would need to take 5 sets of ropes and hooks too. With a family hammock, you can be sure of room for everyone, but you only need to take one bag. Tropilex family hammocks come complete with a matching shoulder bag, which is big enough to hold the hammock plus ropes and a book, and a drink. We made the bag generous on purpose because we found with other brands we used to sell that it was an inconvenience to fold up the hammock and try and fit it into a ‘just right’ bag. We wanted it to be relaxing, and it is.
  7. It looks impressive
    I know this is a shallow point, that people don’t like to admit, but why do people spend £50k on a car when a perfectly good car can be had for a few thousand pounds? It’s a status thing. Many sociologists would claim it is a mainly male-status thing. So if you have a supernova in your garden, people will be impressed. Then everyone will jump in the hammock, and think what a smart cookie you are for buying the biggest hammocks available in the world.

Disadvantages of Family Hammocks

Some disadvantages of family hammocks

  1. Maybe you want some peace.
    If you have a single hammock, at least you can say to the kids or the other half that it is a single hammock, so sorry but there is no room. Then you can go back to your book and glass of wine in peace.
  2. Bit big and heavy
    Compared to a single hammock, a family hammock will weigh more, so is not really suitable for using up your Ryanair baggage allowance. A single hammock weighing under 1kg is perfect for this, but for the family ones, not so much.
  3. Depends on how much space you have.
    Obviously, if your trees are too close together, or your indoor space for a hammock is not big enough, then a family hammock won’t work. If you have the right space, then bigger is better in my opinion. It is only the length of the space that matters when calculating the space because when you are not using the hammock, it closes itself and takes up hardly any room at all.
  4. Price
    Family hammocks cost more per hammock, although they do cost less per hammock user. For example, the Mammock' Flame XXL Hammock is easily good for 4-6 people, and at €169.00 that works out to be €56.00 per head. A single hammock costs at least €59.00 per user.
    'Refresh' Cocktail XXL Hammock costs €99.00, so with 3 users, that's €33.00 per person, still cheaper per simultaneous hammock user than a single hammock. I wonder if they use the same units on the other side of the pond!

Tell Us About Your Experience With Family Hammocks?

If you think I have missed any obvious advantages or disadvantages of family hammocks, please let us know. We love to hear from our customers outside of the transactional.