Garden Hammock Guide

Garden Hammock Guide

What is a Garden Hammock?

Let’s define a garden hammock to start with.

Definition of hammock – a bed made of canvas or rope mesh suspended from two supports by cords at both ends. ( Oxford Dictionary )

Definition of garden – a piece of ground adjoining a house, in which grass, flowers, and shrubs may be grown.

Oh wow! Look how thorough we are being. There is no room for confusion here.

Why Buy A Garden Hammock?

  • A place to relax. If you want to relax in your garden right now, what are you going to lay on? An outdoor hammock is always going to be comfortable and ready. It would usually be placed in such a way that the sunlight is dappled through the leaves. A blanket on the ground will feel cold and damp after a while, and a lounger just is not as comfortable.
  • A place for fun. It’s always fun to have more than one person in a hammock. Children love it and the giggles can be heard from miles around!
  • A proper hammock makes your garden look nice. Just take a look at our collection for the best garden hammocks available to buy today.
  • If you are trying to sell a property, putting a hammock up in the garden makes it more appealing. A hammock in the garden could be the best investment you ever made!
  • A focus point – a hammock helps to define part of the garden for relaxing as opposed to cultivation etc.
  • As a gift, especially as a house-warming gift. A hammock in the garden helps to make a house into a home.

Things To Consider When Buying A Garden Hammock

  • How big is the space between the trees? Your new hammock should not be too long for the space, but it can be quite a lot shorter. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, the ropes will take care of that. You can allow from 0cm to 300cm on each side of the hammock and it will work perfectly.
  • If you have only one tree or no trees then you will need to look at buying a hammock stand. You can always attach one end of the hammock to a tree and the other end to the house or veranda with a hammock hook.
  • You should check that the hammock is washable. All hammocks are washable, but it is easier with a hammock that you can put in the washing machine compared to one that you would need to hand wash in a bath. For example a spreader bar hammock.
  • If you only have one tree, or if your trees are arranged in such a way that the hammock would be hung across a thoroughfare, then it might be better to get a hanging chair or two.
  • If you have a small garden, you will need to consider how much space the hammock takes up. Although it is hard to imagine a garden so small that the hammock won’t be an improvement. Many people use up their balconies with a hammock and just winch it up out of the way when they need the space for other activities.

Some Tips For Using Garden Hammocks

  • You don’t have to hang your garden hammock around the main trunk of a tree. If it is a good size tree you might have lots of suitable branches which will increase your options when it comes to finding the perfect angle.
  • Think about where the sun will come from at different times of the day and when you are most likely to be relaxing in your hammock. In the hottest part of the day, you might want some leaves between you and the full glare of the sun, whereas in the evening when the sun is low, you might want to feel its full glow.
  • Make sure any branches you select are strong and not rotten. They don’t have to be really thick. A healthy tree will have strong branches even if they are quite thin.
  • Consider what you will be able to see from your hammock. It is better if you can see what you want from your relaxed position rather than having to move every time you want to see something.

Some Fun Ideas For How To Use A Garden Hammock

  • Use as a rain shelter. Just flip it upside down. This idea will work better with polyester or American hammocks. The cotton hammocks will only stop the rain for a while.
  • Store toys in it off of the ground. It is a quick way to tidy up the garden and stop the lawn from getting yellow marks where toys have been abandoned for days.
  • Collect fruit in it off the ground and away from the ants. Fill your hammock with apples, un-clip it, and two people can transport hundreds of apples in one heavy journey back to the house.
  • Controlling smoke signals – joke!
  • Don’t be afraid to adapt and upgrade your hammock. A cotton hammock is a piece of fabric after all, and it is easy to attach accessories such as pockets, buttons. You could add some strings and make it so you can tie it closed at the top. This works well with the biggest hammocks. Maybe you want pockets for drinks and books and everything else you need.

Can I Use A Garden Hammock In Other Places?

  • Well, obviously a hammock can be used anywhere it is hangable. I suppose the real question is whether you would want to.
  • One of the good things about hammocks is that they are very portable. Especially the Colombian hammocks which come with a matching shoulder bag. You can easily set your hammock up in the park. It makes the park feel more like your garden.
  • When the weather changes you can move your hammock. First, you can move it out of the garden and onto the terrace, then when that is no longer cozy, you can move it indoors. Setting up a hammock indoors is as easy as setting it up outdoors and it makes a great place to read a book.
  • You could put a hammock in your workshop. Pretend that you are going to fix or make something, then have a quick nap in your hammock.

Does a Garden Hammock Make A Good Gift?

  • Give it to someone who is moving house. You could even set it up in their garden ready for them. When moving house, the house usually starts off filled with boxes and disorganization. Whereas the garden has nothing in it. Take a break from the unpacking and feel unburdened in your new hammock in the garden.
  • It also makes a house feel a bit more like a home, in about 30 seconds.
  • What is more romantic than relaxing together in a hammock. A hammock makes a lovely gift for a happy couple at any of life’s stages.
  • A hammock will be a much-appreciated gift for someone who is sick or recovering from an injury. If they need peace and rest a hammock in the garden will help that to happen.
  • Children love hammocks. A hammock is not only a very well-appreciated gift, but it has a number of practical benefits. These range from encouraging reading (this is my own experience and assumption), to having somewhere peaceful to relax. So, if you are a smart cookie, then get a bunch of hammocks for all those birthday parties your kids get invited to.

Is It Important To Have A Garden?

NO, you can have a hammock on a balcony, indoors, or in the yard, in the garage, in the workshop. You can pretty much put a hammock anywhere. You could hang it off the back of the car.

If this guide was useful to you or you have anything to add, please contact us. We love to hear feedback on everything.

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