Hammock picnic in Prague

Hammock picnic in Prague
An aspiring hammock model I think!

I love the hammock business. It's nice to provide the world with such an essential for relaxation!

The cotton hammocks are produced in Colombia and they are not made of any type of cotton – they are made of recycled cotton that was previously clothed coming from the US. Cotton production uses up a huge lot of water. Also organic cotton. So recycled cotton is actually kinder to the environment.

'Black Edition' Rose XXL Hammock

These lovely hammocks are made in my designs in a small production in Colombia where a lot of people have worked for a long time because they are happy with their job. We regularly go to Colombia to check that the working environment and high quality is maintained. We also have a production in India where our travel hammocks and hammock and stand sets are made in a proper factory in the south. We created our own brand “Hamaca” and started selling it last year.

We have a warehouse in the Netherlands for our Dutch shop Tropilex and one in England for our English shop Hammockheaven from where we send hammocks to all over the world. We are looking for resellers in the Czech Republic, if you are interested in this and want to sell through a webshop or regular shop please contact us here. We make it really easy for webshops – all data and pictures are ready to upload and you don't even need to keep stock if you want.

Anyway, we just had some new hammocks sent here to Prague, that need photographing. We would love some help from world schoolers with “modeling” in them – basically, just relax in them – so that we have photos of not just ourselves on the website. We have quite a lot of hammocks and stands that we will sell afterward. So if you want a hammock that nobody else has here that is made consciously you can grab a great bargain now. The hammocks are stored in Brevnov near the end of the Ladronka-park.

I plan to have a worldschooler hammock picnic next Saturday here in our garden or in Ladronka where I can show how to hang the hammocks and all the different kinds of them, where they can be tried out, played in, photographed, and sold to the lucky ones.

Do you want to buy hammocks or come to that picnic? Please send a message on the box on our worldschooling blog here

You can buy our hammocks on Hammockheaven for next-day delivery. The new hammocks will be on the site in a couple of days.

Worldschoolers relaxing in the garden in Prague!




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