What are the best hammocks in 2023?

What are the best hammocks in 2023?

We think Tropilex hammocks from Hammock Heaven are easily the best, but how about a quick look at some others from around the web.

There are some interesting styles here. You will notice that other traditional style hammocks are much more expensive than ours. That is for the simple reason that we have cut out the middleman (or 2). We design and import our own hammocks direct from hammock manufacturers in Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador and India.

Feeling stressed, need some time out or just want to bask in the sun’s rays? Hammocks are a fun way to lounge outdoors, while gently swinging yourself to sleep.

First developed in the jungles of South America where they were used for sleeping above the wet ground, hammocks have come on leaps and bounds in the style stakes since then. Made from fabric, netting or rope, they were designed to be tied between two trees, but these days many come with their own stands – and, if not, the stands are easily available to buy separately. 

Singular options are great if it’s just for you, but there are also double and family designs available, too – plus ones with cushions, canopies and all manner of shapes and sizes. Swinging chairs, tents and even bed styles are all the rage and are growing in popularity as dreamy napping nooks for indoors as much as out. Then there are the portable options, which are ideal for taking away with you – and they’re not limited to tropical destinations, either! If you’re off camping then choose a model that’s light to carry and just as easy to pack away as it is to put up.

Hammocks with spreaders are a modern invention, designed to spread the weight load more evenly and in turn, making it easier to get in and out of the hammock. If you like to feel quite cocooned, you’ll want to go for an inline option (also called jungle or tropical hammocks), which are one of the most stable and comfortable, and allow you to sleep like a pea in a pod, surrounded by the hammock’s sides. 

Still undecided? We’ve pounded the pavement to find you a selection of good-looking favourites to help you kick back and swing your worries away. Here’s our pick of designs that hang way above the rest.


Comfort' Black Double Hammock

Free spirits will adore this comfortable black hammock, You lie more comfortably with more suspension cords!

The hammock spreads more easily through the use of additional suspension cords. The Tropilex hammocks, therefore, have additional cords so that you lie as comfortably as possible. This typical Colombian style of production is popularly called "Cadejo". The advantage is that the cords are not sewn onto the hammock. It also leaves less chance of snapping.

€89.00 | Comfort Black 

'American spreader hammocks

This sizzling scorcher of a hammock certainly lives up to its name… who wouldn’t want to have a siesta in this design? American' and 'Vegas' are two spreader hammocks in typical North American style. These two look perfectly fine, but that also applies to the comfort of lying! The hammocks are padded and are extra soft. The supplied cushion completes the relaxation!

American' and 'Vegas' are made of weather-resistant and fast-drying material. The fabric looks like cotton and feels just as pleasant on the skin. Luxury Shorea wood is used for the spreader sticks, of course, 100% FSC.


€129.00 |American Hammock

Sereno' Black Single Hanging Chair

So, you would be right in thinking this is part chair, part hammock and we think it’s the perfect spot to curl up and read a book or just enjoy the sun.

The' Sereno 'hanging chair is made of weather-resistant and quick-drying material. The fabric looks like cotton and feels just as pleasant on the skin. This hanging chair can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. It is extremely weatherproof due to its unique material. However, we always recommend that you store the hammock chair dry when not in use.

The spreader bar is made of 100% FSC wood.

€119.00 | Sereno 

Big Fat' Grey XXL Hammock


If you’re all about the comfort factor then this is the hammock for you. In fact, it’s one of those buys that you know will be worth its weight in gold for the hours of relaxation you’re likely to get from it. Relaxing luxuriously on an extra thick lying surface ... The 'Big Fat' hammock lives up to its name! This generous spreader bar hammock is 20 cm thick. The padded fabric makes you feel extra soft and the surface always feels pleasant, even when it gets a little cooler. With the supplied pillow, the 'Big Fat' offers top comfort! You can fit up to three people depending on their size and if you’re buying a hammock to nap in, then this is our suggestion for your well-deserved snooze.

€379.00 | Big Fat

Travel' Army Double Camping Hammock

The perfect pocket away from the world, this versatile, floaty number is ideal for packing up and taking with you on your travels. Whether you’re off camping, to the beach or on holiday, it’s extremely light and packs down into a small carry-bag, making it easy to transport. This breathable fabric feels wonderfully soft. Moreover, parachute fabric is very strong, while it weighs virtually nothing. The weight of a Tropilex travel hammock including integrated suspension is therefore minimal. Dreamy!

€69.00 | Travel Army Hammock

Wood & Black Edition' Rose XXL Hammock with Stand

Isn’t it great when someone designs a product and thinks of all the handy little touches that just make it so EASY to use – and then puts it at a beautifully affordable price? That’s what we thought when we saw Tropilex Black Edition Rose and stand combo, which is available in other colours as well as this Black Edition Gold. The wood of this stand has undergone a dipping bath. Because of this, it is stripped of unevenness. It is best to pickle it or put it in oil, but it is not necessary. If you do not do this, the stand will slowly turn grey. Compare it to a picnic table. This amazing wooden stand is made from FSC®-certified wood. The wood comes from fair forestry in Scandinavia

€459.00 | Black Edition Rose Hammock & Wood Stand

'Arc & Dream' Orange Single Hammock with Stand

More bed than a hammock, we can see this design being more of a whole afternoon snooze affair rather than a quick catnap. Set on a curved durable steel stand that might as well be guaranteed to put you to sleep thanks to its ‘rocking’ design, the hammock bed is made from woven up to 20% more densely with 70% cotton and 30% polyester. that can hold up  160 kg.

The 'Arc' is also easy to adjust with the chains supplied. This means that many hammocks can be hung in it.

Thanks to the newly developed layer to cover metal, this stand is resistant to all types of weather. The hammock stand is also better protected against scratches by the coating than other metal stands.

Special Price €269.00 | Dream Orange with Arc Stand

'Rope' Black XXL Hammock

When you want a hammock for summer

The many openings of a knotted hammock offer plenty of ventilation. That feels much cooler than a woven hammock. The perforated cloth of the 'Rope' hammock is not knotted but woven. The fabric, therefore, feels fine, even on bare skin.

The 'Rope' is especially strong. Firstly, because the hammock is woven with thick cords instead of hundreds of thin threads. In addition, Tropilex does not use 1 rope, but 2 ropes to weave the cloth. That offers 40% more sturdiness than comparable hammocks!


€109.00 | Rope Black

'Cacun' Rainbow XXL Hammock

If being at one with nature appeals to you then a tent in the trees is certainly your bag. Designed with outside relaxation in mind, the enchanting Cacun Rainbow Hammock is the ultimate place to unwind and its easy-to-assemble kit means you can pop it up in your garden quickly and with little stress. Suitable for indoors and out, the design is influenced by the intricate cocoon-shaped nest of the Mexican Weaver Finch and is made from a polyester and cotton blend, which has been treated against mould, bacteria, water and UV rays. Hang from a tree or buy a tripod stand separately, it’s suitable for one person at a time – but we wouldn’t want to share this outdoor hideaway anyway.

€119.00 | Cacun 

'Fringes' Terracotta XXL Hammock

When you want something to be totally unique there’s no better way than to personalise it. With companies offering their services to add your favourite words on everything from notebooks and bags to cushions and mugs, we know they make a great gift – even if it is a gift just for yourself! When we spotted these Fringes Terracotta hammocks we couldn’t resist adding them to the mix.

The cloth of this hammock is up to 20% extra thick. That makes this Tropilex hammock stronger, more comfortable and more durable than hammocks of other brands.

The cloth consists of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The cotton combined with the unique patterns gives softness to the hammock. The polyester prevents the cotton from stretching too much. The polycotton material also makes the hammock more resistant to rain.

€89.00 | Fringes Terra Cotta

'Fine' Blue XXL Hammock

If you like the style of a hammock but aren’t sure about the heavy immovable frame, then this one but take your fancy.

The hammock spreads more easily through the use of additional suspension cords. The Tropilex hammocks, therefore, have additional cords so that you lie as comfortably as possible.

Of course, the weight is also better distributed over the different cords. Less weight per cord = less chance of snapping.


€109.00 | Fine Blue

'Macramé' White Single Hanging Chair

The Macramé hanging chair has a chic bohemian design and is woven by hand. This Macramé hammock chair brings style and glamour to any home, wherever it is hung!

Made for all ages and fits into any home or garden. For example, hang the hammock chair up in your bedroom, on the porch, in the children's room, under the pergola or simply in the living room.

Because of the polyester support, the hanging chair is very suitable for hanging outside.

€99.00| Macrame


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