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Saba Cherry Single Hammock
Bonaire Fire Single Hammock
Bonaire Air Single Hammock
Cuba Blueberry Single Hammock
Cuba Cherry Single Hammock
Aruba Fire Single Hammock
Aruba Air Single Hammock
Isla Single Single Hammock
Terrazza Small Single Hammock

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Special Price 73.50 Regular Price 88.50
Balcón Small Single Hammock

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Special Price 73.50 Regular Price 88.50
Salvora Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Tura Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Gomera Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Lobos Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Cabrera Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Minorca Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Ferro Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Ibiza Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Isla Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Multi Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Pine Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Rustic Spreaderbar Single Hammock
Salvora Double Double Hammock
Tura Double Double Hammock
Gomera Double Double Hammock
Lobos Double Double Hammock
Cabrera Double Double Hammock
Minorca Double Double Hammock
Ferro Double Double Hammock
Ibiza Double Double Hammock
Isla Double Double Hammock
Multi Double Double Hammock
Pine Double Double Hammock
Rustic Double Double Hammock
Salvora Single Single Hammock
Tura Single Single Hammock
Gomera Single Single Hammock
Lobos Single Single Hammock
Cabrera Single Single Hammock
Minorca Single Single Hammock
Ferro Single Single Hammock
Ibiza Single Single Hammock
Patio Small Single Hammock

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Special Price 73.50 Regular Price 88.50
Multi Single Single Hammock
Pine Single Single Hammock
Rustic Single Single Hammock
Canopy  Tarp

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Mosquito  Mosquito net

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Hanging my hammock, how do I do it?
Hanging my hammock, how do I do it?
Hanging my hammock, how do I do it?
Hanging my hammock, how do I do it?

Luxury hammocks at Hammock Heaven. Free next working day delivery!

Hammock Heaven is the top online hammock shop for high-quality and sustainable luxury hammocks. For every hammock, we have a matching hammock stand and suspension accessories.

Hammocks provide the ultimate in relaxation!

Once you've experienced hanging in a hammock, you won't want to be anywhere else!

Hanging in a hammock is super relaxing, gives you the ultimate holiday feeling and is simply good for the body and soul. Once you've tried a hammock, you'll soon be looking to get one. And now that you've entered the world of hammocks, Hammock Heaven is the perfect place to find everything you're looking for!

Hammocks. Where do they actually come from?

Nearly every hammock enthusiast agrees. That the Taíno Native Americans were the first people to use hammocks. Some say that the Brazilians discovered hammocks because they are still a standard part of the furniture there.

The first hammocks were nothing more than a simple cloth hung between 2 trees. The hammock has come a long way since then, and in some hammocks you feel like you're in a luxurious double bed.

Types of hammock?

There are 2 things you have to take into account when buying a hammock. These are also the most important differences between the hammock types. Whether you're looking for a large or a small hammock, you will almost always have to choose between a hammock with or without a spreader bar. But what exactly is the difference?

Hammock with spreader bars.

A hammock with spreader bars is a hammock that has a bar mounted at both ends that keeps the hammock unfolded. The advantage of this is that it feels like you're lying on a mattress. Some people find it a bit more difficult to lie down in or get out of a hammock if it has spreader bars. The real enthusiasts prefer to go for the classic. The hammock without spreader bars.

Hammock without spreader bars.

In a hammock without spreader bars, you should lie slightly diagonally. This is the best, most comfortable way to lie in this type of hammock and prevents you from disappearing completely into it. Hammocks without spreader bars are the most similar to the traditional hammocks that we know from TV and images.

At Hammock Heaven you will find hammocks in all shapes and sizes. Large and small hammocks with or without spreader bars. Travel hammocks or large family hammocks with stands. We have them all in stock and can have them delivered to your home within 1 working day, and delivery is always free.

For more information or advice about hammocks, our customer service is always available via email, chat or phone.