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For every hammock, we have a matching hammock stand and suspension accessories.

Hammocks are amazing, and a luxury hammock or hanging chair is obviously best of all! On this page we have collected our most luxurious hammocks, hanging chairs and stands.

Live like a king in your hammock

Who wouldn't want to live the high life, relaxing on a hammock or sitting in a luxurious hanging chair?

For these people, we've created a special, extra-luxurious corner. Just a bit more comfort, just that little bit of extra space in the hammock, just a little extra legroom in the hanging chair, just a little more sophistication, in short: Just a little more of everything!

This gives you just a little more of an opportunity to fully relax and unwind. Looks are important as well, and seeing such a beautiful hanging chair or hammock set naturally invites you to use it. So dare to enjoy the opulence.

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A selection of our most luxurious hammocks and hanging chairs. Professional customer service & satisfaction guaranteed. Visit the showroom. Rating: ★★★★★

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