'Mammock' Flame XXL Hammock

  • XXL Hammock
  • Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
  • 300 kg

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Mammoth of a hammock

The 'Mammock' is a mammoth of a hammock. What's more, it is the largest Colombian hammock in the world! Ideal for all to lie in or to enjoy this sea of space on your own!

8.4 m² comfortable lying surface

The 'Mammock' is 5 meters long and has a cloth of 350 cm long and 240 cm wide. This results in a spacious lying surface of no less than 8.4 m². Thanks to the premium fabric, this lying surface feels very comfortable and the hammock is extra strong.

20% thicker cloth

The cloth of the 'Mammock' is up to 20% extra thick. That makes this Tropilex hammock stronger, more comfortable and more durable than hammocks from other brands.

The cloth consists of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The cotton makes the hammock soft. The polyester stops the cotton from stretching too much. The polycotton material also makes the hammock more resistant to rain.

Besides, we always recommend storing the hammock dry when not in use!

Comfortable Colombian hammock

The 'Mammock' hammock is a Colombian hammock and therefore has many extra suspension cords. The advantage of these extra suspension cords is that the cloth unfolds more easily and the body weight is distributed better. You will definitely notice this with the lying comfort!

The suspension cords also come from the cloth itself; they are not sewn to it. This gives the Colombian hammock its characteristic look and offers extra strength. The chance of tearing is therefore up to 30% less.

Thanks to the 'Open Loop' suspension loop, suspension of this elegant Colombian hammock is even easier.

Colombian craftsmanship

The 'Mammock' hammocks are produced entirely in Colombia. The 'Mammock' gets its unique appearance and excellent quality thanks to advanced weaving techniques and centuries of craftsmanship.

The cloth is machine-woven, so error margins are minimal. The large cloth is then cut and finished by hand.

A typical 'Colombian' is the 'cadejo'. This is an approximately 30-centimetre-long cord that is woven from loose-frayed threads from the cloth. The suspension cords are tied to this. The 'cadejo' gives the hanging chair its characteristic, authentic look!

European size

Because Europeans are generally more robust than Colombians, Tropilex has adjusted the lying surface of Colombian hammocks to the sizes of Europeans. With the "Mammock" you will certainly not be short of space to lie stretched out!

Matching storage bag/shopping bag

The Tropilex hammock comes in a sturdy bag. You can use this again to store the hammock or as a nice shopper in the case of hammocks without a spreader stick like the 'Mammock'!

100% Colombian, 100% fair trade

Colombian hammocks from Tropilex are truly 100% Colombian and 100% fair trade. They are produced under good working conditions and Tropilex pays a fair price for them.

The hammocks and hanging chairs of Tropilex thus contribute to a sustainable future for the people in this developing region.

Environment-friendly & 1 Percent for the Planet

Tropilex is an environment-friendly company. Not only is production as sustainable as possible, Tropilex also contributes to the future of our planet via '1% for the Planet'.


Type XXL Hammock
Brand Tropilex ®
Charity Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
Colour Orange
Storage bag Yes - Can also be used as a bag
Matching pillow Available (not included)
Matching plaid Available (not included)
Packaging 40 x 30 x 8 cm
Capacity 300 kg
Weight 4.1 kg
Weave density 320 g/m²
Canvas length 350 cm
Canvas width 240 cm
Total length 500 cm
Minimum hanging length 460 cm



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Top assortiment, mooie producten, snelle levering en perfecte service.
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